Ryan Nichols


There Are Many Trades

I personally love them all.

Cleaning Up Old Plaster

It's basically a sheet of 3/8" plaster board, 1/2" rock lath over that, and then finished with a skim coat of finish plaster.

The Mythical Perfect Running Shoe

I have this problem with every single pair of shoes I own. I got one that came with a pair of dress shoes I got. You can fix a lot of minor fit problems in running shoes by simply lacing them differently. I see this in my ...

Getting the Dings Out

It never hurts to take it to a cobbler, but I don't know that they could fix it permanently. I don't know if they could do anything, buy cobblers are inventive folks, and might be able to do something.

Saving the Magnets and Dates

I'm planning on designing my Save The Dates soon and I was looking for some inspiration. Anyone willing, please post pictures of your Save The Dates. Here are our Save The Dates! We had our custom watercolor fox portrait Save the Dates designed by an old friend of my husband's, Meera Lee.