Getting the Dings Out


It never hurts to take it to a cobbler, but I don't know that they could fix it permanently. I don't know if they could do anything, buy cobblers are inventive folks, and might be able to do something.

I know I read through the reviews for this cobbler and sounds like he does a bit more than just shoe stretching and polishing. A small dent in leather would recover, but since the celastic is bonded to it, the celastic holds it in place. Ideally, a dress shoe would use a leather toe puff, but this is a time intensive process that doesn't come cheap. These are Carmina shoes so I feel kind of bad since they're part of my first GYW shoes.

I would take it to a cobbler to see if they can fix it, but I'm not sure what they could do. Sometime this weekend I must have tripped or kicked something and my right shoe is now dented. It looks like you dented the celastic toe puff. Dented definitely makes the most sense, and honestly it is easy to do. I was just asking if it was just dented, or if it seemed like the celastic had separated from the leather somehow. I usually like to do mirror shine but these could turn into dressy shitkickers, if there's such a thing lol. This likely means that the celastic is now creased, taking the attached leather with it. But for dress shoes, a bulky celastic toe stiffener would not work as well. IIRC, B. Nelson doesn't even have good Yelp reviews, but it's because people don't really appreciate the craft. I was at Nordstrom Rack today and had a hard time moving the toe puff on some red wings. Celastic is a thermo plastic , so once dented or creased it will just stay that way.

Well if the celastic split or broke it did pretty evenly no ragged edges so I'm thinking that it shifted.

I was pretty sure it was just dented, but I thought you said something that made me think it could be something else. Yeah, the force applied to the celastic dented it; it doesn't take much. As our hands age and wrinkle, so too do our shoes - obviously because we walk on our hands. It feels like the plastic broke and causes that portion of leather to dent in. It's pretty noticeable to me I'm not sure to other people since one is rounder than the other.

Celastic is really just a thin layer in the boot, so even a little bit of pressure can dent it. From the photo, it looks like celastic, so I'm not sure what you could do, since it's just a thin thermoplastic. I mean, we could walk around on eggshells trying not to scratch or otherwise maim our shoes, but then what good is that? Unless you're at a really formal event, I'm inclined to say that a little character in your shoes goes a long way.