My Girlfriend's Parents


This year, I'm spending Christmas Day with her family and I need to buy a gift for her parents. I just have to make sure I take pictures during non holiday times so that I have fodder for the next Christmas :) Your girlfriend's parents sound just like mine! Thats a really cute idea, I think I'm gonna steal it haha I'm in the same boat as you. This is a good suggestion; I usually donate to a local animal rescue group in my bf's parents' names for Christmas. I don't know their partners well enough to get them individual gifts so I got them all joint food hampers. I'm giving my girlfriend's parents a nice bag of coffee, some chocolate peppermint bark, and a handmade basset hound Christmas tree ornament. This is my first time ordering from the website so I can't talk about quality yet but I love the idea. I took a couple photographs that I thought my girlfriend's patents would like and had them enlarged and framed. I think I know her taste but I worry that she will feel obligated to display it even if she doesn't think it fits. I make enough money that I can afford to spend about $30 to $40 dollars on a gift for them. I got my girlfriend's parents a custom cutting board last year and they loved it. I won't be home for Christmas but I wanted to add to their day. The trouble is, I have no idea what to buy for them.

I like the cheese and crackers idea, but don't cheeses need to be refrigerated? I work in a coffee shop next door to an awesome chocolate shop so I give a lot of people coffee and chocolate for Christmas. I know that they will appreciate the thought more than anything else, no matter what I end up getting them. I spent $30 for wine tasting for 2, and it came with a free bottle with a custom label for my parents. I'm getting my girlfriend's parents some local things from the city I recently moved to and a casserole dish with a wooden lid that I'm going to wood burn. I think that would be appropriate, I'm doing a "movie night" gift basket for my partners mom with cute printables and stuff I found online. I was surprised at how good it felt to donate to a cause that I care about.

I like Oxfam because as well as supporting what they do, they also have some nice and unusual gift ideas.

I just look for the nicest looking label within my price range, generally one that's on offer too! They have very nice things in their home, so I can't think of anything that they might want that they don't already have. I got all three sets of my girlfriends parents food gifts. I considered buying a gift card for one of their favorite restaurants, but then it has an exact monetary value to it that I don't feel very comfortable with. I started figuring out the picture gift thing a few years ago with my immediate family and it's always a hit. I usually give gift baskets from Harry and David to my grandparents who are basically in the same situation.

I am a full-time college student and I work part-time. Just got this for my Godparents for Christmas and I hope they love it :) Do you have any pictures of things you and your girlfriend did with her parents from this past year? I think it's a good neutral gift item that comes in enough varieties to suit everyone.

The kit I got was on sale for $10 and I'm getting a ton of use out of it! I think that baking something for Thanksgiving can be overlooked since it is a food-based holiday for the most part. I am 21 and my girlfriend is 23, we've been dating for two years and live together. If you bake something as a Christmas gift, like cookies in a tin with a bow, it would be more seen as a thoughtful gift, since Christmas is more gift-based. If I end up doing my "date" basket, I need some good "filler items" to take up the empty spaces, things that don't cost too much, but will look nice. Of them, I think the hand-picked fruit basket is the best idea. I am also a poor student, so I always get adults who say they don't want me to spend much an activity for us to do together. I'll shop around, I actually really like the beer variety idea.

I've done spice mixes, rimming salt for margaritas, some awesome Christmas cookies, homemade mexican hot chocolate mix, scented hand soap, etc.

I'm assuming youre from Iowa if you're going to Hyvee, cedar ridge, jasper winery, and stone cliffs are great choices.

That might help narrow it down and it would allow for an easy conversation to talk about the local winery. Hit up BevMo or any store that sells unique alcoholic beverages and buy them a couple of interesting beers. I know I've got my Grandad cheese and chutney sets in the past which he's loved. I also worry because her mom is really into home decoration and everything is very coordinated. Honestly, I'm really struggling with the wine idea. Jams and chutneys are good too - and you could perhaps buy some cheeses to go with them? Don't stress too much about exact items to buy, just get a couple of fun items so that they can sample. Then I went to the dollar store and bought cute little goodie bags and decorated them with ribbon. After reading through your comments I saw that they have a bar that they added into their home. A nice frame with a nice picture of the two of you is meaningful and everyone can use more pictures! I made two batches to cover multiple people/families for Christmas! For dad - he likes beer so I found a special beer hamper with a couple of bottles, some different flavoured crisps and again, chocolates.

They also own their own business and tend to buy whatever they like, and are in their fifties. It's thoughtful and personal, and can be pretty cheap or a bit more expensive if you want it to be! For step-dad - it was a port and Stilton cheese hamper if I recall, so a nice bottle of port, some cracker type things and chutneys.

My girlfriend's parents are big panthers fans so I made her dad a hat and her mom an infinity scarf in Panther's colors so they can wear them with their game day gear. A Christmas theme might be nice, with some cookies and teas, specialty popcorn. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I wouldn't give them anything since money is so tight. My initial idea was a gift basket with a "date night" theme. My girlfriend and I live in a college town, but we don't have much for specialty shops and we're not close to any cities. Make a kit for Hot Toddies and buy them a bottle of booze to go with, or a kit for mulled cider. her parents drink beer pretty regularly, but I've never really seen them drink wine. Somebody else suggested some specialty beers, which I think they might like.

Is this appropriate for a girlfriend's parents? And if you hey something they don't like, it's a very easy gift to regift in a pinch. Cheap, impressive and can be personalized I have this list saved of ideas for $5~ gifts. The Hy-Vee I'm closest to is very small, but there is a Hy-Vee on practically every street where I'm from. I didn't make them myself because I'm lazy but if you know certain favourite items of theirs then it should be fairly simple to make one yourself. I like such gifts, my daughter gave me my portrait on my Birthday) So, if you need here's the website where she ordered: True about the refrigeration - they'll last a couple of hours though so you could be sneaky with it? Mine was gift cards for dinner , movie tix, and ice cream For stuff like this, I like to go DIY- Do you bake something awesome? I always keep a couple bottles for when we're invited to a party! I knit, so I'm making presents for a lot of people this year. I've done that for my own parents birthdays before too and they were very understanding. A nice calendar for the new year, even a personalised one with family photos if there's enough time.