My Quest for the Perfect Ladder


I have a 2 story house with a deck on the back - I could get a ladder that reaches the roof from the deck or I can get a much larger ladder that can reach from the ground on the sides of the house.

Having never used such a rock solid ladder - I would buy this at 200 bucks without hesitating vs buying a decent extension ladder and a decent step ladder. I weight 215 so I was not buying any ladder below 250 weight rating but I bought 300 lb ones to be on the safe side. I wish I had bought the one I have now first,it's easily the best and most versatile one I've ever owned. I know I have some siding to get repaired on the larger side of the house but right now my largest ladder is 8ft, so I can't even get anywhere on the top or upper sides of the house. I don't know whether to try to get a ladder that might suit all our needs Other relevant information--it is a two story house. the biggest thing I like about the ladder is that compared to a normal extension ladder it's so much more stable near full extension. Instead, we have a short two step ladder , a 6' ladder, and a 24' extension ladder which is tall enough for us to climb on the roof. I have debated between a convertible ladder and an extension ladder. I think I found it on sale for ~$175, best ladder I've ever used. Finally, I drive a Honda Fit--it would be a lot more convenient if I bought something that I could get home without having to wrangle a friend with a truck. I'm trying to decide between buying a multi-position ladder , a step ladder , or a short extension ladder--possibly telescoping. We've recently bought our first house, and need a ladder.

I have a need for painting some siding across the front of my house, over a nice, populated planter. I also have this I bought 6 years ago and have been very happy with. We bought the second ladder you listed from home Depot when we bought our house. That said, I could also go for an extension ladder.

the wide feet on both sides make it so I don't need someone to hold it and I don't feel like i'm likely to die when i'm getting up towards the roof line on my shop. Anyway, I definitely do NOT think there's a one-size-fits-all solution for which ladder to buy. While I considered getting a built-in attic ladder, it doesn't seem to make sense once you factor in the cost of installation and difficulty/expense of insulation. it is heavy, I guess, IDK, between my tree trunks for arms and my steam shovelly hands I don't notice it as particularly heavy when i'm carrying it around. If I were the OP, I'd buy a 6 or 8 foot for the small stuff and a 20 foot or so extension ladder for the tall stuff.

Even if I get the Little Giant which extends to 17 feet, I don't know if it would be long enough to let us reach the gutters to clean them.

Looks like a great ladder, but I think too heavy for me. I just bought this one because I need to fix some siding that fell off my hoise amazon because it had good reviews and the price was good with shipping. The immediate reason we need a ladder is to get into the attic to clean it out ahead of having insulation installed. The highest ceilings in the house are only 8 feet--I can change any indoor lightbulbs with a sturdy chair. But if you're looking to buy only one ladder, then yeah, the multi position one is most versatile. Because we are not living at the house yet, having it delivered isn't really an option. I don't really have space for either over the other, so my main concern is versatility. We specifically chose not to get that ladder because it's so heavy that maneuvering it for the full length is a huge pain. Obviously one is much larger and much more expensive, but is it necessary to get the larger ladder? Sorry no direct answer, but hopefully something to think about.

Check out this article here about how to choose a ladder: It's a good resource. I'm an average guy, and so the weight of the multi-position ladder isn't a concern, I'm sure that I could move it as often as we are likely to use it. It's nice to have a ladder that is only as high as you need it. However it is supposed to be delivered on Monday so I will update you on it. I have no problem moving it around except for fully extended - it can be a struggle to walk it up that way but doable.