Shoes, Trees, and Toe Crack


From experience, I can say that a shoe tree will definitely slow down the development of upper toe "cracks".

I would expect a shoe-tree to prevent creasing due to idle deformation and would be surprised to find that a it also prevents creasing due to walking. Would you happen to know how I can tell if I am buy the correct width of shoe? I have very long toes, so my shoes are more prone to creasing.

This is also why cheaper shoes wear out faster, because they can't be polished and restored as well as better constructed shoes. Also, I thought this blog post from a styleforum poster was interesting: to shine or not to shine new shoes In what way are they creasing? A shoe tree wont fix the problem if its already really bad, but I think a nice layer of polish and good preventative maintenance will help. I plan on going down to my local shoe repair store sometime this week to hopefully get some advice. Placing a tree in your shoes while not using them will slow down the development of cracks immensely. Over time my shoes develop unsightly creases from bending at the toe. If it's deep creases, the leather is real cheap or the shoes don't fit properly. On higher quality shoes the "worn in" look is usually considered desirable because the shoes will wear in a pleasing manner and can be polished, etc. Measure your foot and compare it to this table I would try going to a high end shoestore and asking them to fit you for shoes. Well, I managed to get down to the shoe repair shop in town. What can I do to avoid these creases or repair them? Most good leather shoes should crease to some extent and develop a nice patina. Whether a shoe-tree prevents creasing due to walking isn't clear from the article.

Higher quality shoe trees are made from solid wood, usually cedar which helps control odor and absorb moisture. When you use a shoe tree, it stretches the leather back out again. Yeah I'm proud of my creases, the leather's breaking in In the bend at the toe. The cracks are caused by the compression of the shoe leather. In my experience, the depth and severity of the cracks depends on your type of feet as well.

It happens on my leather shoes. This can also be caused by long periods of time without a shoe tree.