The Move to Electronics


All reviews say the quality of the tools is crap so I want a good quality one. Everyone loves magnetized screwdrivers. so I bought this set and it seems to be of good quality so far. The screwdriver set I linked is extremely helpful and comes with almost all of the pieces that I've needed. I can spend a 100$ or so I couldn't have a repair kit without these cables. I've been doing repairs for the past 6-10 years and these are the best things i've found so far. Put it all in a small backpack and you have a nice repair kit on the go! The single most useful tool I use every single day with any kind of kit is my Leatherman Charge TTi.

I also bought a 128GB flash drive to keep some common repair program on and it has saved me a lot of time and trouble. BitDefender Free I don't use antivirus on my personal computer/devices, but I do install this on my customers computers.

something like the ifixit toolkit but good quality lol. More useful for small electronics, for computers I just use my dewalt cordless, emi be damned.

Hello, I no longer do tech support/computer repair for a living but still build my own computers as well as maintain friends' and family. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky Nice name :) 1 for Wiha clarkson toolkit I wouldn't say that all of the reviews say the quality is crap for the ProTech. Easy to manage and low interference, makes it the perfect solution for those who don't know much about computers. You can never have too much info/tools though :) And make sure you upvote everyone else who is giving you ideas/suggestions. Need to hook a hard drive up but don't want to put it inside of a computer? One tip, don't buy anything until you have a project and you know EXACTLY what you need.

I have, and have made extensive use of the iFixit kit and I can say it was likely the single best buy I've made in a long time.

Also, if I had to do things over, I'd probably look at a backpack instead of an over-the-shoulder bag.

I have heard that the quality of Wiha tools has gone down in the past few years, but mine are still working fine. I've gotten moderate use out of the Pro Tech kit I've had for a couple years now and haven't had any issues. Google guides for this to use it fully :) edit// If anyone else has suggestions on programs/tools to use i'm all ears.

figure out what tools you need and go to lowes or home depot or sears and buy them. The isesamo is nice too, along with a full set of long feeler guages, and dental picks. It's good quality, i've used it for the past 5 months with no troubles. Check back later and i'll probably make a software portion as well :) All I can say is thanks! I suppose there are better quality kits out there, but I'm not very familiar with them. His professional opinion is not to take unnecessary chances with sensitive electronics. These tweezers are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone, including you.

I recently had a few external hard drives that I didn't have the power supply for, but just needed the data off of them.

While it might only happen 1% of the time you don't want to be the 1%.

I use these weekly and it saves me a lot of time and trouble. There was a collection of utilities from gegeek but I've had trouble with the site today. I've done around 2K iPhones on the 4 sets I bought for our store. It fixes iPhones, has a flathead and philips bit with it as well! Eventually, you'll have a bunch of useful tools that you actually will use. Any other questions just ask :) What software do you use? bends when it needs to, but doesn't lose its form or shape! Need to do some fine adjusting and use a strong tool? You should not use magnetized screwdrivers when repairing electronics. The magnets in the screwdriver won't hurt anything as it's not very strong. If you don't and just buy things you THINK you will need you will end up never or rarely using them as well as developing a very bad habit. I disagree.

Hirens Boot CD This is an amazing tool that has endless capabilities.

Simply run it and you'll be able to remove those violations after.