The Mythical Perfect Running Shoe


I have this problem with every single pair of shoes I own. You may have just solved my entire shoe problem, not just running but work too. I got one that came with a pair of dress shoes I got. You can fix a lot of minor fit problems in running shoes by simply lacing them differently. I see this in my NB too, but it's never been the fail point on the shoes at least. 3rd pair I started untying them before taking them off like you suggest and about a year later little to any damage. I never remember having this problem with running shoes in the past regardless of brand, but now no matter what brand or style of shoe I'm wearing this will always happen. Yes, I'm too lazy to untie my tennis shoes but not too lazy to run a 5k. I ruined the inside back heel of two pairs of Adidas Sambas like this , with just slipping them on and off. From the way the material is pressed to the outside at the front, your shoes are too small.

I would check if you heel slips and also how you place your foot into your shoe. Stupid question: do you untie your shoes before you take them off after a run? Eventually you bend the heel so much that the plastic inside breaks and then this happens.

I don't know if this is true or not but, wow.

It's even visible in a pair of Merrell hiking boots I've had for a couple of years. My dad has the same foot type and swears by the Adidas Bostons, but they are too high profile for me. Thanks I have narrow feet, and I've found that Nikes have a narrow heel and leave plenty of room for my toes. it makes it so when you put your shoes on, you aren't sliding your foot down the back, causing the friction and eventually the wear. I don't understand me either. I do like the toe box a lot so it's something I just accept. It's partly because of the material, but mostly because the fit is too loose in the heel. It assumes the shoes have that extra hole at the top.

Look at the last suggestion here likely that your heel is slipping up and down a lot because its too loose at the back.

Good tips, I already use the last tip showing the loop to tighten around the ankle. From some of the other comments below, I should try tying my laces differently or I guess it's possible I just run funny :) Thanks for the insights! I guess this is anecdotal evidence, haha I always untie the laces.