Tool Charts, Broken Bits and More


I have broken so much stuff that I find the warranty pointless if I have to keep going back. sorry I meant tool box, so the first one is more along the lines I was thinking! I have no problem with anyone who spends their money on the best tools and store them in a HF box.

Only craftsmen tools I have now were made over 30 years ago or more. Like I said before, HF has decent quality products and I have several of their tools. It's sad how horrible Sears is these days last time I was at Sears they had good quality and crappy quality. same at Harbor Freight.

I will agree that their low-tooth ratchets aren't very good but I've never had a good experience with Husky either. The sockets, ratchets, wrenches and so forth arent made in the US anymore, made in china and not good quality either. I buy most of my stuff at pawnshops since its older and usually good quality. I just cant stand sears since the tools I did have by them mostly broke. Like the other poster I would recommend you confer with him because a tool box can end up being kind of a personal thing. I don't think any of these companies can say they make a quality product across the board.

It was a great box, I used it for 2 years then bought a Matco 4S that cost much more than the car I drive daily. I wouldn't want to use something that isn't what I want and be frustrated with it. I once had a craftsmen set, I sold every last bit of it really. Tool Cart: you are a costco member, they have a REALLY well built tool box for 500 dollars.

I went thru the craftsman. com website last week and that was the best quality fairly inexpensive box I could find for a friend.

I have a 72 inch Montezuma box but the HF ones are great for the money as you say. If he is a student at a mechanic school, I believe he can get Snap-on Tools for 50% off.

100 page thread about HF box: I too are automotive student. I was going to surprise him but now I'm thinking you're right, he should probably pick it out himself. For the guys just starting out they are much better off getting the best tools before buying a box off the tool trucks. I know of no real mechanic who still has much left in their box. I don't know the specifics for the program but you can read up on it here. I considered HF before I got my Montezuma 72 incher.

I know I won't change your mind and you won't change mine either. I'm going to have to ask him first before I buy anything but this looks great for a starter and super affordable. Sure I won have it that day like sears. but it wont break on me like craftsmen does too. People are so wrapped up into craftsmen being sooooo good b/c their parents and grandparents used them with no issue. That said, if you do decide on a box or cart from Harbor Freight check the coupons on their site.

Hell, I even have a few duralast wrenches that I bought in a pinch. The sockets are not engraved, but laser etched with sizes-we managed to mess that up just taking apart this atv.

I have my dad's 3/8" drive ratchet and it is still my go to ratchet instead of my snap-on. A lot of HF tools are junk but if you pay attention some are built quite well and equal to if not better than Sears. I think they point is that they all make a single or family of tools in decent quality which is why I have a mix of brands. The worst are the low tooth count ratchets I've had them fail so much I threw them across the shop never to be found again.

I broke 6 freaking 1/4 ratchets-what was I doing. working on car batteries. thats it. If you think you absolutely need a toolbox that costs more than the cars you're working on, you're a sucker.

We look down at the guys with the snazzy big dollar boxes and have to borrow tools all the time.

I think you're giving HF too much credit and Craftsman too little credit. That cart, or the 5 drawer one harbor-freight also sells for a little more are geat for a starting tech.

The warranty is meaningless to me if you have to constantly go back and get a replacement. Yes Craftsman does have some decent boxs but they cost way more than the good HF ones. No issues with it, and I'll be upgrading to another larger HF box in the near future. I have a craftsman and a Harbor Freight box; the HF is way better. box. Harbor freight has a nice 26" wide tool chest set for about 350 bucks. There are times where you have to use a coupon to get the best sales price which is why I linked the links I did. I wouldnt ever buy snap on or roadwork b/c it gets lost and ruined alot. The tool chests are thin steel and cheap. I hate them passionately and work towards replacing them with Craftsman There isnt anything you can say that will make me change my mind.

have the larger 4ft wide model and honestly its not a snap on but for your average tech whose starting out its excellent.

Harbor Freight used to be absolute garbage, but alot of it has really become as good as other stuff out there.

Im not a HF brand loyal, I buy what they have that works.

and I totally agree that professional snap on , mac or other name brand boxes are best.